Sermon Series


Ecclesiastes Nine:1-6

August 23, 2015 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes I. Death puts your time into perspective Ecclesiastes 9:1-2 1 This, too, I carefully explored: Even though the actions of godly and wise people are in God’s hands, … [Read More...]


Ecclesiastes Eight:2-17

August 16, 2015 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes Have you ever put a ton of time and energy into something but no matter how hard you work it just doesn't turn out the way that you wanted it to? Football season is … [Read More...]


Ecclesiastes Seven:1-Eight:1

Pastor Jeff Struecker August 9, 2015 Sermon Notes We're studying through the book of Ecclesiastes. If you have been with us for quite some time, we’re right now just past the halfway mark. From this point forward we … [Read More...]


Ecclesiastes Six:1-12

August 2, 2015 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes Sometimes we’re absolutely certain about something until we get hit with a change that causes us to realize we’re not really sure that we were really sure. Oliver … [Read More...]


Ecclesiastes Five:8-20

July 26, 2015 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes We’re studying through the book of Ecclesiastes and today we are in Chapter 5. Let me tell you about a scar that I have on the inside of my left knee. When I was in … [Read More...]


Ecclesiastes Five:1-7

July 19, 2015 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes Today we will be looking at Ecclesiastes Chapter 5. I have some questions I want you to answer. Did you pray today? Did you get too busy or too stressed out to even … [Read More...]

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Ordination Service

The Ordination Council will present the following men to Calvary Baptist Church for ordination for the work of the Gospel Ministry on Sunday, August … [Read More...]


Young Adult Pool Party

Young Adults, look forward to an end of the summer pool party with a cookout, bonfire and swimming at Daniel & Patricia's home (2346 Pine Lake … [Read More...]



Calvary family, this one is for you.  Join us for revival beginning Sunday, September 6 through Wednesday, September 9, each night at 6:30 p.m. … [Read More...]

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Expanding our spaces at Calvary Baptist Church

Expanding Our Spaces

Calvary Baptist Church is growing and reaching more and more of our community for King Jesus. We are determined to carry out the Great Commission … [Read More...]

Good, better and best concept

Good, Better, Best

Everybody wants to live “the good life”. The problem is, no one really knows what the good life looks like!   Is it hanging out at the beach while the … [Read More...]